Wow! These brakes from a 2005 Ford F150 are toast! The pad wore so thin it started to crumble the pistons shown in this picture:


They also ground down on the rotor

IMG_8349 IMG_8351

This is what the pad looked like, you can see rotor material melted onto the backing!IMG_8352


Lets talk about MAINTENANCE! Regular maintenance is vital for your vehicle! Lack of maintenance can cause huge problems with your vehicle resulting in complicated (and costly) repairs. Think of it like you would think about taking care of your teeth- you brush and floss to prevent cavities, gum disease and other issues. If you didn’t take care of your teeth on a daily basis, your dentist bill will be bigger (and more painful for you!). If you didn’t go to the dentist at all…well you get the idea!

The pictures below show sludge build up. After prolonged exposure to high heat, engine oil can oxidize and break down, forming deposits known as sludge. This gelatinous goo can block vital oil passages, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage or even requiring an engine replacement. The biggest cause of this sludge build up is lack of regular oil changes.

IMG_7957 IMG_7958


Make sure you’re performing all the necessary regular maintenance on your vehicle to avoid unnecessary, costly repairs. When was the last time you had your engine oil changed? Coolant? Transmission fluid? Brake and power steering fluids? What about timing belt or drive belts? Take a peek at your vehicle’s maintenance history, then give us a call!



Rodent Damage


Pictured: Fuel injector connector chewed off by rodents.

Rodents can cause a plethora of problems with your vehicle. They chew on wires causing electric issues and possible engine fires, make nests on your engine and in the air box, and pieces of their nest can be sucked into moving parts on your engine (we saw a failed alternator with insulation sucked inside of it last month!). Rodents move into engine compartments because they are dry, warm and cozy – plus lots of material they can use for nests. Always keep an eye out for rodent activity, and clean out any nests you may find. You can also place dryer sheets in the engine compartment – they hate the smell! Make sure to place them away from any parts that move or get hot (between the battery and firewall is a good place on most vehicles).


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We have an early `70’s Porsche Speedster kit car in. This vehicle was built in 2002, but has been sitting for several years. We got it back up and running, changed the oil and replaced the muffler.  IMG_6918

This is the old muffler, it is rusted and has a bad baffle inside causing a loud whistle at idle. IMG_6919

This is the new muffler we just got in. The chrome tips are covered in cardboard to prevent scratches during installation.