Our new programs.

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Our new referral program offers our current customers an incentive when they refer us to friends or family who haven’t been in before. When you pick up your vehicle, we will attach one of these cards to your invoice with your name on it. Just give it to anyone who hasn’t had their vehicle serviced or repaired with us. When the new customer makes an appointment and brings this card in with them, they automatically get $25.00 off their service and we add a $25.00 incentive to your account. Its that easy! image2We are proud to use BG products when we service your vehicle, and now BG offers a complimentary roadside assistance program for our customers when we service their car with BG products. When you come to pick up your vehicle, we will give you one of these cards. All you have to do is go online and activate the card within 24 hours of your service, then the card is good for 180 days. Simple!