We are now a authorized installer of Power Stop brake parts! Power Stop brakes are a step above the rest! Power Stop supplies brake pads, rotors, calipers, shoes and pad wear sensors. You can check out their website here.

Brake Pads:
Power Stop offers several different types of brake pads. All pads are engineered for noise free braking with dual rubber backed shims that offer 6 times more noise reduction than plain steel shims. The pad surfaces are thermal scorched for fast break-in. Power Stop pads have 20% more stopping power than other leading brands. The premium ceramic compound is made using OE positive mold technology, that assures a uniform friction density throughout the pad and this helps control noise and premature wear.

Evolution Clean Ride Ceramic: Evolution pads are manufactured under TS16949 standards to OEM specifications including chamfers and slots.

Evolution Plus Clean Ride Ceramic: The Evolution Plus product line combines our performance proven Evolution Ceramic pads with application specific brake hardware kits. Each hardware kit will include stainless steel abutment clips (where applicable), anti-rattle hardware clips, piston clips or bushings and sleeves as required for installation.

Evolution Sport: For the enthusiast that wants to get the most out of their vehicle without sacrificing everyday drivability, we offer Carbon Fiber/Ceramic Evolution Sport Brake Pads. These pads resist fade up to much higher temperatures than OEM pads. A premium stainless steel hardware kit is included where applicable.

Extreme Performance: Power Stop extreme pads are made for high performance street drivers who demand shorter stops under the most demanding conditions. The brake torque is consistently higher than OE pads with outstanding thermal stability. Power Stop Extreme Performance pads are best suited for high horsepower cars and big wheel upgrades. The friction compound is a carbon fiber and ceramic hybrid that resists fade to 1500 degrees. With Extreme Performance pads, you can count on superior pad bite without dusty wheels.

Extreme Truck and Tow: If you drive in the hills, haul loads or tow trailers, you need the extra stopping power of Extreme Truck & Tow pads. Power Stop Carbon Fiber Infused Ceramic brake pads are made for trucks and SUV’s with higher gross vehicle weights. The extreme pad bite offers superior performance to avoid high temperature brake fade. The compound is a quiet and low dust formula that features a coefficient of friction 17% higher than OE pads.

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Time for new tires.



Yikes! This is the third vehicle we have seen this week that has had at least one tire worn down to the cords. It is extremely unsafe to drive with the tires in this condition because the tire can blow out! That can cause damage to the rim, your vehicle, yourself and others (especially if it happens on the freeway – where there is the most friction!)


As you can see, the cord body is past the tread and belts.

Make sure to have your tires checked regularly, this should include inspection of tread life and wear, proper inflation and rotation.