We love summer time here at RC’s! Very cool and unique classics and hot rods come out this time of year, here are two that are in this week:


1987 Volkswagen Vanagon

IMG_6292 IMG_6293

1986 Manx Dune Buggy



Custom exhaust job on a 1969 Chevy Camaro. Customer had complaints that the exhaust was too loud and there was a rattle sound.


The exhaust was after market already, we found that the drivers side pipe and muffler were tilted a little and hitting the undercarriage of the vehicle- this was causing the rattle noise.


This picture shows the muffler completely touching the undercarriageIMG_6219

You can see the very minimal spacing on the drivers side exhaust pipe. IMG_6218

And this picture shows the passenger side, which had correct spacing. IMG_6228

After- GlassPacks are welded in and driver side pipe is slightly rotated for a better fit.IMG_6229

Drivers side muffler after the slight rotation – no longer touching.