RC’s Auto is a certified Intoxalock service center. We provide installation/removal services along with re-calibrations and lockouts. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts in scheduling your Intoxalock appointment and services. Intoxalock’s website can be found by clicking this Link. We do NOT provide a mobile service, all services must be made by appointment.


  • Call Intoxalock First!! We cannot schedule you or provide any services without a work order from Intoxalock
  • Contact Us Next! Intoxalock is going to “schedule” your appointment and many times not contact us. We NEED you to contact us after and schedule the time and date.
  • Plan Ahead. You know you are scheduled for a re-calibration in a week? Try to schedule it sooner then later, while some services are quick we still need to find space for you
  • Communication is key. Not sure what is going on or what to do? Contact Intoxalock and our shop and we can help you out.


  • Wait till the last minute. While we try to be accommodating as possible, sometimes we just don’t have the time and space to fit an install or re-calibration into our schedule. Wait untill the last minute and you might be without a vehicle
  • Don’t do it half way. Haven’t talked with us? Then you don’t have an appointment. You must Contact Us to get a scheduled and confirmed appointment.
  • Forget to be in contact with Intoxalock. We cannot move ahead with your appointment without their work order.